Our new Kickstarter is live!

Earlier today we launched our new Kickstarter campaign. It’s for a classic point-and-click adventure game, set in a crazy fantasy world. No, it’s not The Book of Unwritten Tales 3. It’s for an adventure game based on one of the inspirations for BoUT, Shakes & Fidget.

Go to the Shakes & Fidget – The Adventure Kickstarter campaign

Many people asked us when we’d be making The Book of Unwritten Tales 3. Truth is we’d love to make BoUT3, but point-and-click adventure games are in a tough spot right now. Not many publishers are willing to invest in a classic adventure game and we wouldn’t want BoUT3 to be a cheap knock-off.

The “Shakes & Fidget – The Adventure” campaign is an important test for us. If it’s successful we’re not only going to make a great Shakes & Fidget game, we’ll also be able to use this success as a starting point to take up talks about BoUT3 with publishers again.

Please support the Shakes & Fidget campaign if you can and let others know about it. Thank you!