You are:

  • A 3D animator with working experience in Maya. Experience with Motion Builder is a plus.
  • Interested and skilled in many different areas of animation. Motion capture experience is a plus.
  • Particularly interested in blocking, storytelling and editing.
  • Someone who loves to tell stories with their work and figure out why things work.
  • Comfortable with tackling existing and new (technical) challenges.
  • Knowledgeable about the rigging/skinning process, as well as the fundamentals of technical animation.
  • A team player who loves to create impactful cut-scenes.
  • Proficient at communicating in English and/or German

You will:

  • Collaborate with other experienced artists to create memorable ingame cutscenes and cinematics.
  • Animate and block out cut-scenes/cinematics, finding the best way to tell impactful stories.
  • Work with motion capture and keyframe animations.
  • See your work as a vital part of great games.
  • Eat cake.