We are looking for new colleagues for future projects. If you recognize yourself in this description or have questions, please fill out an application so we can get in touch with you. More about KING Art

You are:

  • A 3D animator with working experience in Maya
  • Interested and skilled in many different areas of animation
  • Experienced in creating realistic and stylized animations
  • A team player who loves to create expressive and impactful gameplay animations
  • Comfortable with tackling existing and new (technical) challenges
  • Knowledgeable about the rigging process
  • Proficient at communicating in English (Bonus: German)


  • Experience with game engines / Unity
  • Experience with MoCap & Motion Builder
  • Experience with 3rd person shooters

You will:

  • Create keyframe animations and work with MoCap animations
  • Collaborate with a team of experienced artists to create impactful gameplay animations
  • Work closely with designers and programmers to ensure the quality of our gameplay animations
  • Work on core-games for PC and consoles you can be proud of (RTS, Shooter, RPG)
  • Contribute significantly to our games
  • Become part of the KING Art family [Moreā€¦]