KING Art is not the biggest developer and Bremen is not the game development capital of the world. Nevertheless, very few developers leave once they've started here.

There are good reasons:

  • There is no “Hire & Fire” mentality at KING Art. We want to keep the team together because we believe that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of everybody leads to less stress and better games.
  • We want to make great games. We have a passion for games and the budgets finally fit our ambitions. Our goal is to make games people love. Not like. Love.
  • We grow with the people who are working here. There are no outside investors or pie-in-the-sky plans for the future. We founded KING Art 18 years ago and there is a steady growth. That might sound pretty boring, but we’re still here and many others are not.
  • We don't believe in crunch time and we don't believe that you get the best results under pressure. We have no interest in burning out our people.
  • We like to be open about ourselves and game development. We believe in working with our community, helping beginners and giving people opportunities.
  • There is excellent cake at KING Art. Some say it’s the best cake in the business.

Open Positions

Animator (m/f/d)Immediately
Senior Coder (m/f/d)Immediately
Junior Coder (m/f/d)Immediately


We offer internships for students who need to complete a mandatory internship. In general, the length of internships is a semester or six months. It is also possible to write a bachelor or master thesis during an internship at our company.

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  • We do not offer internships for pupils!

Prospective application

You can apply for a job at KING Art on your own initiative. We are looking forward to your application!

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