From humble beginnings KING Art has become one of the most important game development studios in Germany. With our roots in Point&Click Adventures we focus today on storydriven RPGs and Strategy games. Almost twenty years of experience are accompanying us - and almost everyone who joined us stays with us until this very day. Great teamwork, respect, hard work and passion is what defines us as a team. This is important to us and that is why we at KING Art have clear values:

  • There is no “Hire & Fire” mentality at KING Art. We want to keep the team together because we believe that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of everybody leads to less stress and better games.
  • We don't believe in crunch time and we don't believe that you get the best results under pressure. We have no interest in burning out our people.
  • We want to make great games. We have a passion for games and the budgets finally fit our ambitions. Our goal is to make games people love. Not like. Love.
  • We grow with the people who are working here. There are no outside investors or pie-in-the-sky plans for the future. We founded KING Art 19 years ago and we are growing ever since.
  • We believe that staying in close collaboration with our community leads to better games, and that it allows us to hit the spot for our players.

  • We value to be open about how we develop our games, teach at universities, give talks and help young developers with word and deed.

Open Positions

Game Quality Assurance Lead / Release Manager (m/f/d)Immediately


We offer internships for students who need to complete a mandatory internship. In general, the length of internships is a semester or six months. It is also possible to write a bachelor or master thesis during an internship at our company.

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  • We do not offer internships for pupils!

Prospective application

You can apply for a job at KING Art on your own initiative. We are looking forward to your application!

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