18 Years of Passion for Games

KING Art is an independent game developer with many years of experience in creating high-quality games for all major platforms.

We currently have 40+ employees across several teams at our offices in Bremen, Germany and work with roughly as many freelancers around the globe.

We developed games for almost every platform there is, in many different genres. As long as a game is fun and something you can be proud of, we’re in.

KING Art is a member of Verband der deutschen Games-Branche (GAME) and bremen digitalmedia.

We protect the climate with green electricity from Polarstern.


  • In 2000, KING Art was founded by Marc König and Jan Theysen. Since their school days, the two friends had wanted to develop videogames.
  • 2009 saw KING Art’s first “boxed game” release: the point & click adventure game “The Book of Unwritten Tales”. It was the most successful adventure game of the year and at the time one of the highest-rated German games ever.
  • In 2010, we also started to develop Free-to-Play browser and mobile games, like “Drivals” for Gameforge and “MyFreeZoo” for Upjers.
  • In 2013, we did our first Kickstarter project with the turn-based strategy game „Battle Worlds: Kronos“ and released the game a year later. Versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One followed.
  • In 2015, „The Book of Unwritten Tales 2“ was released on 10 platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii-U, iOS and Android) to critical acclaim. 
  • 2016 saw the release of our next „Kickstarter game“: „The Dwarves“, an RTS/RPG hybrid for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, based on the bestselling book series. It was also the first game co-published by KING Art.
  • In 2018, our Kickstarter for our RTS “Iron Harvest” became the biggest Kickstarter in years. The game, based on the alternate reality of 1920+, is currently one of the most anticipated strategy games and our main project.

Our Games

  • In the last 18 years, we successfully completed about 50 games projects.
  • Our focus is on narrative-driven games, RPGs and strategy games.
  • We developed over a dozen successful browser- and mobile games, such as “MyFreeZoo”, “MyLittleFarmies” and “WebRacer”.
  • We are licensed developers for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo platforms.

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