Usonia has landed with Operation Eagle!

  May 28, 2021     Iron Harvest

We released Iron Harvest's first major DLC which includes:

  • The new Usonia Faction with over 20 new units
  • The Usonia Campaign (Singleplayer & Coop) with 7 brand new missions and more than 25 minutes of new cinematics
  • Three new playable heroes
  • New flying units for all factions
  • New anti-air defences for all factions
  • New multiplayer maps
  • New playable allies in the Usonia campaign
  • Dozens of new skins & seasons to come
Operation Eagle Is Now Available To All For €19,99 On Steam, GoG And Epic Games Store

Operation Eagle will also be standalone exclusively on Steam

You’ll find it here on the main Iron Harvest Store Page

This means if you buy Operation Eagle, but not the main game, you can:

  • Play the full Usonia Faction Campaign
  • Play all the new multiplayer/skirmish/custom matches maps
  • Play on the new maps as host of a custom game
  • Play Polania campaign missions 1-5 (Tutorial)
  • Play multiplayer/skirmishes with Usonia or Polania
  • Choose from a selection of multiplayer/skirmish and challenge maps

We're extremely excited to bring the new possibilities of airpower to the world of 1920+

As part of this it's been a pleasure to work with the astute archivists of the Templin institute to add more flavour and lore to the amazing world of 1920+

Familiarize yourself with the forces of Usonia with this faction reveal video.

As with all things Iron Harvest, Operation Eagle will take you on an expansive story arc where morality is neither black or white. Will Usonia be conquer or oppressor?