Iron Harvest's Backer-Beta now released!

  Apr 15, 2020  

We released in April the Beta for Backers!

We're very excited to have reached this major milestone because it puts us in good confidence going forward towards our full release date of September 1st.

The feedback we've received from both press and players has been very encouraging. Sure there are some bugs, but nothing game breaking. We've got a lot to do between now and September but we've entered the home straight..

Here are some highlights from all that's new in the beta-patch notes:

Introducing the Saxonian Gunfort: SKS 300 "Kaiser" (right) and Polania Gunfort: PZM-24 "Tur" (left)

Introducing Polania Exoskeleton: PZM-2 “Rycerz”

Introducing Saxony Heavy Flavor Unit: MWF 28 “Stiefmutter”

The PZM-16 "Nosidelko" now has the veteran ability “Fortify”. The unit becomes immobile and hunkers down to reduce incoming damage and increase the garrisoned unit’s rate of fire.

The 1st five Polanian campaign maps are playable and we’re pleased with the result. These add a whole lot of depth to the world of 1920+ and we know, like us, you crave that in RTS games.

New 2 vs. 2 multiplayer and skirmish map, fight for the cargo of fallen airships.

New multiplayer and skirmish 3 vs. 3 map. Don't get lost and use this challenging landscape to your advantage.

Infantry can now vault over short walls and fences. This includes "Wojtek", the bear, and he ain’t half cute/deadly while doing it.

The narrative behind our RTS is truly enhanced by all new cinematics between campaign missions.

And a whole lot more!
Full Details can be found in April's DevBlog here.

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