The Dwarves Beta Released! New Trailer!

  Jun 3, 2016  
There will be a proper epic trailer for the release of the game, but for this one we chose a more fast-paced and action-packed approach. We hope you like it! If you have the opportunity, please share the trailer on social media, in forums and so on. Thanks for your help!

Beta released – Where can I get it?

Everybody who supported us on Kickstarter or via our web-site with $35 or more has the chance to play the beta-version of the game right now!

If you already installed one of the Alpha versions…

  • …you don’t have to do anything. Steam will automatically update the Alpha version to Beta status.
  • BUT: Don’t use any of your old savegames. They’ll most likely crash the game sooner or later.

If you haven’t installed an Alpha version…

  • You have to log in on our site
  • Under "Your Products" in the "The Dwarves" section you will find a link "Get Your Beta Steam Key". Click on it and copy the key.
  • Launch Steam and select "Games" in the menu. Click "Activate a Product on Steam" and enter the key.
If you have not registered yet, please check your e-mail. You should find an e-mail from us regarding the beta that also includes your game key. (We already sent you the same key after the Kickstarter and for the Alpha.) The Beta is available for Windows, Mac & Linux and does support Mouse/Keyboard and controllers.

Beta – What can I expect and where can I give feedback?

The beta contains a little less than the first half of the game. Nothing is really polished, so expect bugs and glitches. But overall the Beta should be in much better shape than the Alpha versions.

We’re working on performance optimization and compatibility at the moment. We’re going to update the Beta in two weeks or so.

For feedback please visit the forum of "The Dwarves" on Steam:

Screenshots / Videos / Let’s Plays

Feel free to make videos, screenshots and Let’s Plays of the Beta. BUT:
  • Please add a disclaimer to the beginning of the video that you are playing a work-in-progress Beta version of the game.
  • Please add a link to our website, Facebook page or to the Steam page in the description.
  • When you at the #DwarvesGame Hashtag we’ll find your video/post and we’ll share the best ones.
We’re looking forward to your feedback!

Your The Dwarves team