Thank you Video! One week to go!

  Nov 24, 2016  

“The Dwarves” are our third Kickstarter project and its development has been a great experience once again. You guys enable us to do more and better stuff than we could’ve done without you. We really appreciate that.

We hope you guys will love the game we’ve developed over the last almost two years. Because in the end a Kickstarter isn’t successful when you reach your target goal. It’s successful when your backers are happy with the results of your work and are glad they supported it.  

One week to go!

Next Thursday “The Dwarves” will be out!

It’s important for us to be as visible as possible on launch day and the days after that. So you would do us a favor if you download the game right away, rate it, write comments and so on and think about other ways to spread the word.