The Dwarves – Release!

  Dec 1, 2016  

All backers received a personalized mail earlier today (sent to the mail address you gave Kickstarter or you gave us in our shop). In that mail we describe how you can get your key. If you already participated in the Alpha or Beta and you want to keep your Steam-Key, you don’t have to do anything (the game will automatically update).

Please notice: We released the game in all stores a couple of hours ago but when the game is actually available depends on the platform holders as well. It might be that in some stores the game will become available during the day while – for example – in Steam it is already available for backers and will become available for the public in about 12 hours from now. So if you can’t redeem your code right away, please try again later.  

Help, Problems, Questions

  • If you haven’t received the mail, please check your spam folder. You can also use any of the older mails (Alpha, Beta) to get your key. The process and key stayed the same.
  • If you played the Alpha or Beta on Steam but want a GoG key now, please contact our support.
If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact our support. We’ll try to help you as fast as possible. Since on launch day there will be many requests, it might take some time until we can answer everyone. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.  

Making The Dwarves a success!

The #1 reason for people to buy a game is a personal recommendation by a friend. So if you like the game and want to support us, please let others know about it. You can use social media, you can rate the game, write a review or post about it in communities you are active in.

We hope you’ll enjoy the game! Thanks again for your support.

Your KING Art Team