Free content patch

  Mar 27, 2017  

There are three different kinds of challenges:

  • Horde Mode lets you fight against waves of enemies. The more enemies you kill, the better.
  • Chase lets you gain points by conquering rucksacks. The faster you collect rucksacks, the more points you get.
  • In Time Challenge you have to kill enemies as fast as possible. The faster you kill a given number of enemies, the more points you earn.
There are six challenge maps in total and in each of the maps you can earn up to three stars based on your performance.

Other improvements

There are a couple of other changes in the patch as well:

  • Additional graphics settings (PC, Mac, Linux only)
  • Free key bindings (PC, Mac, Linux only)
  • New difficulty "Very easy" for the campaign
  • Slightly better performance in many scenes due to engine update
  • Divided display language and subtitle option
  • Added Turkish language
  • Optimized camera collision
You’ll get the patch automatically. It’s already online for Steam users and owners of the box version. The GoG patch will follow very soon, maybe today or tomorrow. PS4 is online. Xbox One will be online shortly.  

Steam Sale

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