The first week after release

  Dec 7, 2016  

  • Most of you seem to enjoy the game a lot, which is probably the most important thing for us! Thanks for all the great feedback, really appreciated.
  • Sales are good on all platforms, digitally and physical. It’s too early to say if they are good enough to justify a “The Dwarves 2” but the first week has been promising. Let’s keep it up!
  • Unfortunately there had been a bug in the Xbox version we haven’t noticed prior to release. We sent a hotfix to Microsoft and it should be released today or tomorrow.
  • Our support team worked very hard to solve all the small and bigger problems you guys had and it seems like most of the problems had been solved. If you still have a problem that hasn’t been solved yet, please let us know.

Patch 1

Besides the Xbox One hotfix (see above) we’re working on a patch for all platforms that should be available the week after next week.

We’ll focus on technical improvements and bug-fixing for that patch. Loading time on consoles is a priority and also all crash bugs or other severe bugs that had been reported.

Most people do not experience big technical problems with the PC, Mac & Linux versions but others reported regular crashes. We could identify the MSI Gaming App as one source of these kind of problem. If you experience problems and use the MSI Gaming App, please deactivate it and most (all?) of the problems should be gone. We’re looking into other potential causes as well but we’re reasonable confident that in most cases the game isn’t the (main) problem.

Patch 2 – We need your ideas!

After the “technical” patch we might make a second patch that focusses on adding new features or improving on existing features. On our list at the moment:

  • An option to launch some (all?) battles directly from the main menu after you finished the campaign.
  • Maybe a new game-mode like “Horde mode” where you try to survive as long as possible against hordes of enemies.
  • Free key-bindings in the settings, additional graphics setting
If you have suggestions, please post them in the comments. Obviously something like “add multiplayer/coop” won’t work because it’s much too big. But if you have smaller ideas that could improve the player experience, we’ll look into that.

Reviews & Ratings

If you like “The Dwarves” you would do us a big favor if you give us a good user rating or write a user review (depending on where you played the game). Positive feedback is very important for undecided players and helps us to make the game more successful.