Iron Harvest Alpha 1 - Update

  Aug 14, 2018     Iron Harvest

Awesome Feedback!

Hi guys. First of all we would like to thank you for the excellent feedback we received and continue to receive! Very constructive, very well thought-out and very motivating for us.

Special thanks to our mods and supporters in Discord, who make life much easier for us because they prepare and organize the feedback so well. Awesome work, guys!

Hotfix because of two annoying bugs

Unfortunately we had two bigger bugs in the last version, which are now fixed. The hotfix will be downloaded automatically, you don't have to do anything.

  1. The AI difficulty level was only correctly applied if it was changed while running a game. If you changed it previously in the main menu, the change was not applied. Whoever has beaten the game in "Insane", should try again ;-)
  2. Unfortunately, there was a bug in our feedback form that caused feedback from the "Name three things you didn’t like" section not to be transmitted. In other words, we have only received positive feedback. That’s nice for our ego but it would be better for the game if we also get the negative feedback. If you have already given us feedback using the form, can you please just send us your negative feedback again? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Some more minor things we fixed:

  • Users now have the opportunity to submit one feedback form for each new version/patch of Iron Harvest
  • Fixed a bug that slowed down the game when ending a match while a mech or a soldier was dying
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a squad that was interacting with a weapon system died
  • The Victory Point limit for Skirmish Matches is now properly applied to the UI (bar and tooltip)

Next steps / our plan for Alpha 1

We are currently going through the feedback and bug reports we have received so far. 

Our plan is to release an update end of August/early September. It will contain: 

  • "Quick wins" (bugs that are easy to fix)
  • Bugs and problems that significantly affect the fun of the game (e.g. the problem with the wrecks)
  • Little improvements and polished features

There will be no major changes in that version and bugs/problems that have deeper reasons will not be fixed.

We will also publish a list of known issues so you know what bugs/problems are already known and what we are working on.

Let us know what you think of the Alpha and please continue to report bugs! Your input helps us immensely!

Promote Iron Harvest

We have noticed that thanks to the Alpha 1 we get significantly more pre-orders in the shop at  

Many buyers didn't know Iron Harvest before the Alpha 1. They saw the Alpha streamed on Twitch or YouTube or they read articles about it.

Of course, it's great for us when more people become aware of the game. If you want to help promote Iron Harvest, you can download the press kit here: In it you will find screenshots, artworks, renderings, videos, GIFs etc. Feel free to use them.

If you know a streamer that might be interested in Iron Harvest, please tell him about the Alpha. We are happy to provide him with promo keys.