Zoo 2 is a major success!

  Dec 21, 2018     Zoo 2 - Animal Park

  • 8 months since the release, over 2 million players have installed the game.
  • Our current store rating is >4.5 stars.
  • We are in the top 10 adventure games in various European countries.
  • It has been translated into more than 15 languages.
In "Zoo 2: Animal Park" we've focused on the mix of a simple building game with fun collectibles, pretty decorations, and a funny story. The game features cute graphics with lots of little details and adorable animals with plenty of unique animations. There’s always something happening in your very own zoo.

The game was well-received by our players. Many of them have spent several months with grandpa Willi - as he runs the zoo he inherited from his late aunt Trude - and other quirky and lovable characters. The story offers variety of funny, sad, dramatic and romantic moments and has some surprising twists in store to boot.

If you feel like throwing yourself into an entertaining adventure to play alongside, you are cordially invited to face the challenge of the zoo in distress. Click here to start playing "Zoo 2: Animal Park" now for free!