Iron Harvest Change Log #13

  Dec 10, 2020     Iron Harvest

Greetings Harvesters,

to the thirteenth of our regular post-release updates. Nothing unlucky about it. This week we focus on decreasing queue times by adding a feature that shares matchmaking. We’ve also implement several fixes and improvements requested by the community.

Shared Matchmaking

We know how eager you are to get into battle and feast upon the mechanized entrails of your enemy. Therefore, we are happy to oblige by refining the games matchmaker to more quickly pair combatants with their most suitable foes. It’ll work like this:

  1. You enter the game queue via either Quick match or Ranked mode.
  2. The matchmaker will aim to match you with players based on this preference and most who has a similar MMR to you.
  3. If, after a few minutes, the matchmaker is unable to pair you with someone with your preference, it will choose any player with a similar MMR.
  4. If you queued for Ranked Match, you will gain or lose SR as normal depending on the result.
  5. If you queued for Quick Match, your SR will be unaffected.
  6. Safeguards have been deployed to prevent players who try to exploit this system to “farm” SR.

We’re aware that some high level players are reporting unexpected and significant SR losses. We are currently assessing how MMR is incorporated into the calculation of SR and discussing our options. We will have more on this for you very soon. 

General changes:

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in infantry units being left outside when the squad was ordered to garrison a building, or Zolw while firing at enemy units.
  • The “Matter of time” achievement is now correctly awarded when you win a game due the time limit elapsing.
  • Fixed issues related to deconstructing connected barbed wire sections that could cause game input freezes. 
  • Fixed “Matchmaking failed” errors created when a few players used Coop mode on the final Polanian campaign mission “Showdown”.
  • Fixed multiple little errors so as to improve game stability.
  • Fixed overlapping icons in long titles within the cosmetics menu.
  • Fixed incorrectly displaying loading bar.
  • Map and Game mode are now clearly displayed during the Reserve picking and game loading screen.

Balance changes:

We continue to monitor the games state and your feedback regarding balancing, especially with all the info that comes from the ESL tournament. With that continuing, we are reluctant to make any significant changes that might disrupt those competing. We’ve also recently had in-depth conversations with community members. They helped to confirm us in our thinking that regularly, short-term, tweaking of numbers is undesirable.

Instead, we plan to focus on future balancing changes that would best come from long-term improvements. For example, in the way units operate and function on the battlefield.

Wow what a year! Only one week to go and we’re going to end it in style!!

Next week: The winds of change arrive with the Rusviet Revolution mini-DLC

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