Iron Harvest Change Log #15

  Jan 15, 2021     Iron Harvest

Greetings Harvesters,

we hope you’ve had a great festive gaming season and welcome back to this, the 15th of our regular post-release updates. Over the break we’ve had time to plan how we’re going to develop during 2021 with our major priorities being Iron Harvest first big Add-on (with a new faction!) and the games console release. So that we can better focus on those milestones, we’re now moving to an updates schedule of every two weeks. Read on and gain the ability of knowledge.

New Abilities

Today sees the release of new abilities for two of our iconic heroes:

Prince Wilhelm: Lay Waste (active)

He can now fire from both arm-mounted weapons in a great uninterrupted, sweeping, outwards-in, arc. Devastating entrenched infantry.

Uncle Lech Kos: Vicious Tackle (active)

Pushing his mech to the limits, he’ll leap forward, trampling any infantry in his path and attacking the first mech he hits.

Uncle Lech Kos: Patriotic Frenzy (passive)

This stalwart of the Polanian resistance inflicts increasing damage in proportion to his health loss.

General changes:

  • Added tutorial for dropzone
  • Added tutorial for opening gates.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a loss of 2SR when an opponent quit or surrendered. 
  • Added gold trim faceplate and portrait for all Backers and Rusviet Revolution DLC owners as a thank you for all your gaming with us in 2020

Balance changes:

As discussed last year, we’re continuing our assessment of the games balance with a view to creating systemic, long-term fixes to avoid an endless spiral of buffs and nerfs. The addition of this week’s new abilities will also affect the games balance. Therefore, we will assess their impact before making any significant changes as part of our overall evaluation. This evaluation is nearing completion and we hope to make changes towards the end of this month.

Starting 2021 as we mean to go on, trampling onto battlefields anew!

January’s end: a new 2v2 map!

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