Update #3: Annotated gameplay video; PayPal shop

  Mar 15, 2018     Iron Harvest

www.iron-harvest.com & PayPal shop

Did you know? At www.iron-harvest.com you can see the Kickstarter pledge level INCLUDING PayPal payments.

When you support Iron Harvest at www.iron-harvest.com, you can…

  • …pay with PayPal (and various other payment methods)
  • …buy a second edition if you want (it’s not limited to one edition per backer)
  • …buy the game as a gift for somebody else
  • ...see the Kickstarter site in many different languages

Annotated Gameplay Video!

In this video, you can see our "Kickstarter Demo" that we used for capturing the ingame shots from for the trailer. We added annotations to explain some gameplay details and hope you guys get a feel for the game.

The map will be part of the Alpha 1 Demo for Kickstarter backers that we’re going to release in a couple of months (this summer).

Feel free to share the video!