Update #13: Finish Line, Everybody!

  Apr 9, 2018     Iron Harvest

Yesterday we reached $1,150,000 (including PayPal) and we’re now over $1,000,000 on Kickstarter. 

Now we’re well on our way to reach the last main game stretch goal with “Multiplayer Leagues & Seasons”. 

The Last Push

And then? After that, the last Stretch Goal is the “Free DLC Campaign” at $1,500,000. It’s going to be hard to reach that goal. But it is not impossible. The last days of a campaign are often some of the most successful ones.

Here is what you can do:

  • Remind your friends about the Kickstarter and tell them that it’s their last chance to be part of it.
  • Go check out the new rewards we added during the campaign. If you want, you can raise your pledge by clicking on “Manage Pledge”. 
  • Go on the forums, the gaming sites, Reddit, and social media and let everybody know about our campaign.

We’re so proud what we’ve accomplished so far. Thank you all for your help!