Update #15: Last 24 hours!

  Apr 13, 2018     Iron Harvest

Wow! Over $80,000 in pledges yesterday (including PayPal)! If the trend continues and we make a little more money today than yesterday, we’ll hit the final stretch goal!

Here is what you can do to help:

  • Remind your friends about the Kickstarter and tell them that it’s their last chance to be part of it. This it it. THE LAST 24 HOURS!
  • If you supported us on Kickstarter, you can raise your pledge by clicking on “Manage Pledge”. You can even pledge a higher amount than required for the selected reward tier, for example just adding $5 or $10 to your pledge, without changing the reward tier.
  • Go on the forums, the gaming sites, Reddit, and social media and let everybody know about our campaign.

What are the next steps after the campaign has ended?

As soon as the campaign ends, you will not be able to change anything about your pledge anymore. Kickstarter will start to collect the pledges. That process takes a couple of days because of expired credit cards and other potential problems. 

We will get a list of everybody who actually paid, including their e-mail addresses, by the end of next week. 

After that (by the end of next week or the week after), we’re going to send all supporters (regardless of whether you supported us on Kickstarter or at our shop) an email with information on how to access our KING Art Portal website. In there, you can see your pledge, manage your contact information, get Steam/GoG keys as soon as they are available and so on. The Portal is basically the main HUB for everything concerning your pledge.

In other words: It might take up to two weeks until you hear from us, because we have to wait for your data and set up everything nicely in our Portal.

Early May will see the first edition of our big monthly development blog.

Mech 3D Print

We did a little 3D print of a Polania mech as a prototype for the mech-model featured in the “Kickstarter Edition” and above. The surface quality is pretty bad but we like the details and the pose. 

So this is NOT the final quality of the figurine but we thought you guys might want to see it anyway. :-)