Update #16: 1,530,887 Dollars! End of the Kickstarter Campaign

  Apr 19, 2018     Iron Harvest

We made $1,298,626 on Kickstarter plus an additional $232,261 via our PayPal shop, for an astonishing total of $1,530,887!

That makes us one of the most successful video-game Kickstarters in recent years. We’re feeling very proud and thankful! We’re in your debt and we’re going to repay you with an awesome RTS.

You can still support us for a while at http://www.iron-harvest.com 

What are the next steps?

Kickstarter will start to collect the pledges. That process takes a couple of days because of expired credit cards and other potential problems.

We will get a list of everybody who actually paid, including their e-mail addresses, by the end of next week. After that (by the end of next week or the week after), we’re going to send all supporters (regardless of whether you supported us on Kickstarter or at our shop) an email with information on how to access our KING Art Portal website.

In there, you can see your pledge, manage your contact information, get Steam/GoG keys as soon as they are available and so on. The Portal is basically the main HUB for everything concerning your pledge.

In other words: It might take up to two weeks until you hear from us, because we have to wait for your data and set up everything nicely in our portal.

Early May will see the first edition of our big monthly development blog.

Thanks again for the ride, everybody! :-)