Pre-Season (Open Beta) Patch Notes (0.11.2)

  Aug 6, 2020     Iron Harvest

Greetings Harvesters,

Thank you for all your feedback. It's really motivating to see how many of you enjoy the game! We've taken your constructive feedback to heart and are working on improving the Beta. Here are some of the changes we were able to implement over the last couple of days:

General changes:

  • V-sync option has been restored. Go to settings menu to select it.
  • We have fixed the issues that meant we had to limit FPS to 60. There is now no FPS cap.
  • Due to the update, previous save games had to be invalidated, but your campaign progress will remain.
  • A bug related to Restarting Missions has been fixed that could prevent players from finishing a mission.
  • Fixed numerous unit animations issues. Unit animations should be much smoother now.
  • Fixed issues with building debris (e.g. floating or missing debris).
  • Interactions with resource points should now behave properly.
  • There is now a notification voice line when reserves are ready for use.
  • Fog of War now correctly conceals bunkers and some other FoW related bugs have been fixed.
  • Resolved issues caused by players disconnecting while on the “Faction Picking” or “Reserve Picking” screens.
  • Some causes of fatal simulation errors have been fixed. These errors could lead the game to “freeze” in multiplayer matches.
  • Fixed an exploit with target ground attack orders that allowed unit to continue to fire at units that were out of play due to being unconscious or in stealth mode.
  • Fixed numerous occasions where incorrect text was being displayed or displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue whereby old reserve slots were not updated visually, resulting in two heroes, and/or already sold units being displayed.
  • Improved explosion impact SFX and increased variations.
  • We've added and replaced some unit voice lines.
  • We’ve made various improvements to ease U.I. navigation, transitions, and fixed inconsistencies.
  • Fixed invisible barricades in the 2nd Polanian campaign mission.

Balance changes:

Melee- We recognize our infantry melee system needs improvement and we aim to do this for future updates. It turned out getting into melee was too easy and damage was inconsistent. Therefore:

  • Vanguard melee dmg vs. unarmored down from 15 to 12.
  • Rifleman melee dmg vs. unarmored up from 5 to 8.
  • Gunner melee dmg vs. unarmored up from 5 to 8.
  • Flamer Infantry melee dmg vs. unarmored down: 20 to 15.

Vanguards- They benefited from the melee situation the most, being the unit with the highest power to accessibility ratio. There was also a bug that let them focus damage on individual enemy squad soldiers instead of distributing their damage. This made them win every more match-ups than planned.

  • Vanguard weapon dmg vs. light armor down from 0.7 to 0.5.

Gunter- His wolves, Tag and Nacht, now appear briefly out of the shadows, attacking infantry units and pushing them back. His melee fist punch now works correctly, doing less damage to armor. He’s easier to hit for enemy range attacks and his health has been reduced to make him less tanky. Also, his visuals have received an upgrade.

  • Weapon damage vs. armored targets down from 75 to 65.
  • Hitbox radius up from 0.3 to 1.0.

EisenHans- The Saxonian exo-suit Eisenhans is meant to be an area control unit that forces foes to move. It is not meant to be a very effective artillery or damage dealers. To help this we have increased their armor class from light to medium. We also increased their melee damage significantly.

  • Armor class changed from light to medium.
  • Melee damage vs. unarmored up from 50 to 100.

Artillery- The oil cost of the Polanian “Mocny” and Saxony “Erlkönig” artillery mechs has been reduced from 160 to 130 and 170 to 120, respectively.

"Serp"- The (Scythe mech) veteran ability has been made more effective. After freeing any previously suppressed units, it now prevents your own soldiers from being suppressed for 3.5 seconds.

"Ognivo"- (Flamethrower mech) population cost reduced from 5 to 4.

All Mega mechs- The Kaiser, Tur and Guyay-Gorod, reach veterancy slightly faster.

Brunhilde- This beasts HP has been reduced from 900 to 850.

Col. Lev Zubov- His Bloodlust passive life steal ability has been reduced from 40% to 20%.