Pre-Season (Open Beta) Patch Notes (0.11.4)

  Aug 13, 2020     Iron Harvest

Greetings Harvesters,

This is the second of our open beta updates that we’ll put out as we head towards full release. That’s in just under 3 weeks! We’re extremely excited and continue to assess and respond to your feedback. From everyone in the team, thanks again for all your input. These are the changes we’ve been able to implement this past week:

New Languages!

We’ve translated all texts into English, Czech, German, Spanish, French Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

Just go to the settings menu and select your preferred language. This is still a work in progress and we will modify based on your feedback.

General changes:

  • Fixed more instances that caused the game to freezes.
  • Fixed an issue with selecting structures.
  • Temporary removed controller key bindings from settings because they were causing a display issue.
  • Fixed display text issues.
  • Updated some back-end server infrastructure.
  • Adjusted some miss-fitting headers, text and labels.
  • U.I. changes to in-game chat.
  • An exploit has been fixed whereby structures no longer refund their build-costs or upgrade-costs, only the costs of currently active productions is refunded.
  • Weapon system now cost the correct amount of population.
  • All texts are now available in English, Czech, German, Spanish, French Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  • Due to the update, previous save games had to be invalidated, but your campaign progress will remain.

Balance changes:

We are constantly monitoring all game results from the Pre-Season and ESL Qualifier. With your help, we are able to ensure that all three factions are balanced for all player profiles. The collected data allows us to look into potential changes needed over the course of the Pre-Season and later on during the on-going season content of Iron Harvest. 

As a first step, we removed refund costs for all structures to make match pacing smoother. Cancelling the construction placement preview will still refund the resources but as soon as an Engineer squad begins construction, no refunds will be provided. We are also looking into improving melee combat based on your feedback.

New Challenge Map “Fortress City”

As a small teaser for the upcoming Saxony Feature Trailer on Friday, we’ve released a new challenge map. Here you and your entrenched Saxony troops must defend the key strategic river-side fortress from Rusviet aggression. You will hold! Reinforcements will arrive.

Enjoy and remember you can now unlock all pre-season rewards. Stay tuned because we have an awesome Saxony feature trailers for you on Friday.