Iron Harvest Change Log #06

  Oct 22, 2020     Iron Harvest

Greetings Harvesters,

This is the sixth of our regular post-release updates. This week sees the implementation of two features much requested by the community. Thanks everyone for your feedback, it’s great to improve this game in concert with you. Now you have these, enjoy, and let us know how you get on.

New Ping System

Gaming 101: communication will always be over-powered. Now, regardless of whether you’re in voice chat, you can alert your brother in arms to whatever’s unfolding on the battlefield. There are 5 types of Pings:

  • Attack
  • Defend 
  • Retreat
  • On My Way
  • General

Pings can be deployed directly on the map, the mini-map and the tactical map. Use hotkey “X” and then hold down the left mouse button to reveal a radial menu from which you can select the type of Ping you’d like to deploy.

If your ally deploys a Ping, you’ll see it on the maps and can press spacebar to jump the camera immediately to it.

Please Ping responsibly, there is a cool down and you can only have 4 pings on the map simultaneously. We’ll assess, based on your feedback, if the cool down needs to be increased due to spamming. Should you need to, the option to disable Pings is available in the settings menu.

New Multiplayer XP

Players will now earn XP while playing “Quick Matches” and “Ranked Matches”, but not for custom matches. XP will be accumulated based on match time, wins and even more if you’re on a winning streak.

The current limit on player level and faction level will not be increased because, out of the tens of thousands of active players, only 300 players have reached this limit. We will review this again at the start of the next season and may increase it at that time.

General changes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Rusviet and Polania artillery mechs from receiving extra rear armor damage.
  • Dragging with the middle mouse button now works correctly when holding the shift key.
  • Minor U.I. Improvements.
  • Previous saved games on the 1v1 Oil spill map are now invalidated due to a slight rework. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Balance changes:


To make Medics a more appealing alternative to reinforcing at base, we are tweaking their ability so healing heroes, exosuits, and infantry is more affordable. Decreased costs for Heal ability on:

  • Heroes: Iron from 150 to 100, Oil from 25 to 10. 
  • Exosuits: Iron from 150 to 100, Oil from 25 to 10 per soldier reinforced.
  • Infantry: Iron from 75 to 25 per soldier reinforced.

Mocny (siege artillery)
To further emphasize the different strengths of the Mocny’s mobile and deployed mode, we made the following change:
  • Weapon range while mobile decreased from 50 to 40. 

Olga and Changa

Olga currently has the ability to engage in any fight with minimal risk. With these changes we want to emphasize her role as an assassin who must pick her targets more carefully.
  • Olga’s HP decreased from 500 to 400.
  • Changa‘s HP decreased from 750 to 500.
  • Olga’s HP while riding Changa increased from 500 to 600.

Gulyay-Gorod (mega mech)

Rusviet’s mightiest defender has struggled to compete with its contemporaries in the Rusviet arsenal, as well as other mega mechs. These changes should bring this behemoth more in line with its Polanian and Saxonian counterparts.
  • HP increased from 1500 to 1750. 
  • Damage to light armor increased from 50 to 65. 
  • Damage to medium armor increased from 40 to 55. 
  • Damage to heavy armor increased from 40 to 55. 

Nakovalnya (rocket artillery)

The Nakovalnya’s Sentry Mode veteran ability is very potent, particularly when used to quickly react to incoming threats. With this change, players will have to think more carefully about where and when to engage Sentry Mode. 

  • Cooldown after exiting Sentry Mode increased from 10s to 25s. 

Groza (exosuits)

The Groza saw several changes during open beta, particularly a reduction of its movement speed. With this change, we want to return some of the mobility the Groza’s had lost.

  • Cooldown for Rocket Jump decreased from 60s to 45s.

Our gears are greased and our mechs keep stomping!

Next week: new challenge map.

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