Iron Harvest Change Log #09

  Nov 13, 2020     Iron Harvest

Greetings Harvesters,

Welcome to this the ninth of our regular post-release updates. We’re please to report that many players approved of the last weeks update and we hope to continue in this vein. Today, we release a new 1v1 map and fix some issues affecting competitive gameplay. Read on!

New 1v1 Map: The Dark Forest

Saxony is home to many majestic and wild forests. Despite the ever present encroachment of man, these places are still filled with mystery and myth.

But you’ll find more than folklore here. Deep within this sparsely populated area, the Kaiser’s finest engineers have been working in secret on a cutting-edge hydroelectric dam. This potent alternative to oil would be an incredible asset to the commander who can conquer the woodland's twisted paths and crumbling castles.

We wish you luck navigating the narrow woodland tracks as you flank your enemy. Just don’t get distracted wondering if a mech that explodes in a forest, when no-ones is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

General Changes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented saved games on Polania’s 5th mission, “A Path to Hope”, from loading beyond 97%.
  • Olga now uses Changa’s cool down correctly, preventing Changa from immediately respawning after death.
  • Fixed an issue whereby grenadiers would freeze when trying to throw a grenade outside of their range while also aiming and firing.
  • Following our recent update of the 1v1 Border River map, the community highlighted some collider issues. Thanks to this feedback, these have now been fixed.
  • Barbed wire cost reduced in single player from 15 to 5 iron.
  • Fixed destroyer cannons that weren’t working, incorrect quest messages and misplaced bushes in Stronghold Siege map.

Balance Changes

This week there will be no balance changes while we continue to collect and assess player data. “Measure twice, cut once” is our approach.

We soldier on. Half the month complete with the month’s best almost here!

Next week: Group invite, that will allow you to queue for battle with your friends.

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