Iron Harvest DevBlog #37 - April 2021

  Apr 29, 2021     Iron Harvest

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No! It’s Usonia, A Free Weekend, A New Season, Game Updates And Fixes. Oohrah!

News: Operation Eagle Incoming!

Stars, Stripes, and. . . Giant Dieselpunk Zeppelins?!

Hell yeah! The new Operation Eagle add-on will release on May 27th with:

  • The new Usonia Faction with over 20 new units  
  • The Usonia Campaign (Singleplayer & Coop) with more than 25 minutes of new cinematics 
  • Three new playable heroes  
  • New flying units for all factions 
  • New structures and anti-air defences for all factions  
  • New Multiplayer Maps  
  • New playable allies from a yet to be revealed secret faction 
  • Dozens of new skins & seasons to come!  

Operation Eagle will be available to all for 19,99€ on Steam, GoG and Epic Games Store

If you own the main game and buy Operation Eagle, or have the (not-Kickstarter) Deluxe edition, then the sky is the limit. You can do everything!  

Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle will also be standalone exclusively on Steam!  

This means if you buy Operation Eagle, but not the main game, you can:  

  • Play the full Usonia Faction Campaign 
  • Play all the new multiplayer/skirmish/custom matches maps 
  • Play on the new maps as host of a custom game  
  • Play Polania campaign missions 1-5 (Tutorial)  
  • Play multiplayer/skirmishes with Usonia or Polania 
  • Choose from a selection of multiplayer/skirmish and challenge maps 

If you don’t own Operation Eagle, you can:

  • Play in multiplayer/custom games where Operation Eagle owners picked Usonia 
  • Play with the new common aircraft units (Skybike, Dropship, Gunship) in multiplayer/skirmish/custom matches 
  • Use the new structures and anti-air defences 
  • Play on new maps in multiplayer matches when another player owns Operation Eagle or join via matchmaking. We will not separate the multiplayer base by main game or addon owners! 
  • Not play the Usonian Coop Campaign, even if the other player owns the add-on  
  • Not play as Usonia in any game mode 

To play Usonia on GoG and Epic Games Store, you will need to already own the base Iron Harvest game when you buy Operation Eagle

News: Free Weekend!

To celebrate, Iron Harvest will be Free from today at 19:00 (CEST) until May 3rd at 19:00 (CEST) on Steam, GoG and Epic Games Store. 

Try before you buy! If you’ve always wanted to take a mech out for a test-drive and explore your command skills, now’s the time to do it.

We’re flying high, so the Devs will be Streaming with plenty of chances to win physical goodies. Join in the shenanigans here!

Info: Season 4 Begins

It’s been fun watching you Iron Harvesters reap up the reward for completing achievements during Season 3. Our veteran commanders have created a lively competitive scene and massive congrats to SEEMANN :: AIOBE for topping the Season 3 ladder, you win the title “Season 3 Master”!

Everyone who completed their placement matches will receive a title reflecting their level, e.g. “Season 3 Gold”.

If you’ve achieved rank gold or higher you’ve also been awarded the “Majestic” cosmetic skin for Saxony’s Erlkönig mech (image left). These should appear on your cosmetics screen before saturday.

With Iron Harvest being free this weekend you can make a start on completing Season 4’s achievements. There’ll be a shiny “Shifting Sands” skin for all those who unlock them all (image right)

Info: Changelog 21

General Changes:

  • Polania Exosuits (Rycerz) now have a veteran ability “Shields Up”. This reduces incoming damage at the cost of reduced movement speed

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Medics from receiving XP for healing units. They now also receive XP for unit-models that where newly created by their healing 
  • Faction specific portraits will now load when capturing a neutral weapons systems
  • Fixed a bug that caused idle player Mechs to chase enemy units that enter their range, often resulting in finding your mechs far behind enemy lines
  • In the player profile cosmetics tab it is now possible to choose artwork for your skirmish and multiplayer loading screens

  • Buildings no longer briefly flicker after upgrading
  • Fixed an issue whereby the flare sound effect would continue indefinitely if the player quits or ends the game while the effect is playing
  • Fixed issues resulting from engineers repairing mechs while too few resources are available
  • Heroes no longer slide when revived if queued move commands were not completed upon death
  • Brunhilde repair VFX no longer persists after destruction

Balance Changes:

We’re happy to see the steady improvement in game balance over past updates. While there may be more to do, with the impending arrival of the Usonians, it makes little sense to make changes before fully evaluating the impact of this fourth faction on the game.

We’ll be revealing more artwork and details over the next weeks,
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