Iron Harvest DevBlog #47 - September 2022

  Sep 29, 2022     Iron Harvest

A New Map For Our World Campaign Mode, Console version brought up-to-date and Fanart galore!

Greetings Harvesters,

And welcome to this the 47th DevBlog, which completes the world map campaign update and brings it to console. We’re back from the summer, recently enjoyed Iron Harvest’s 2nd birthday and we‘re celebrating with some of your fanart.

News: New World Campaign Map!

It's called Schierland - A vast continent containing many interlocking territories. A large lake in the middle separates the north from the south and east from the west. With 3 enemy factions occupying different areas of the map, gaining control over a majority of regions will be a difficult endeavor.

Starting scenarios

Storm on the Horizon - A tiny nations sits isolated in the corner of the continent. Nearby regions are full of riches, but too large neighbors are interested in same unclaimed land. Expansion will be necessary to avoid being crushed.

Borderlands - Despite vast holdings, your factions regions are relatively poor in resources. With only one army, defending your many borders will be a challenge. Scaling up your forces and securing more resources are essential to victory.

Unwanted Neighbors - Stuck between two antagonistic super powers makes any fight a tough one. Just securing more resources will require boldness and skill. Bringing down one opponent is enough of a challenge, but two? Be quick or be crushed.

Custom - Create a custom campaign. Select where each faction begins, how strong their army is and the size of their dominion

News: Up-To 70% Off Steam Sale!

And to celebrate this milestone of an update we are happy to offer up-to 70% off, depending on your particular bundle of DLCs etc., on Steam.

News: Console update

Now with the successful implementation of the world campaign map on PC we are ready to update the console versions with the same content. Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions of Iron Harvest now have.

A New 2 vs. 2 Map

Hidden in the tundra of Northern-Alaska lies a convert testing and launch site for a new weapon with devastating capabilities. With the site hastily evacuated due to incursions by Usonian forces, its terrible technology now awaits those brave enough to persevere against their enemies and the freezing cold.

A New 3 vs. 3 Map

The remains of a once glorious city rest in this valley. Time, conflicts and sandstorms have ravaged its former beauty. The twin rivers that helped make the city great are also the source of this place’s repeated conflicts. Once again, the strategic value of the land marks it as a battlefield.

And many balance changes and general improvements detailed in Changelog 25 and Changelog 26

News: Fan-made Art

We’re still proud to see the world of 1920+ and Iron Harvest still inspires your creativity. So we’d like to share some recent highlights.

This incredible cinematic trailer by ZHEESHEE (a team of creative and high-skilled artist) really blew us away. They love to play video games and tell stories. Their team focuses on CGI, VFX: creating cinematics, game trailers and post production for commercials.

Find out more on their Website and Instagram page

Dawid Wlosins created this wonderfully atmospheric scene of Polanian mechs based on real world tanks. See more of his work and a great gif here 

We adore this fun mech concept by Martynas Latusinskas (right) inspired by our beloved Tur (left). Check out his artwork here

TheJu87AtLondon, and his dad, painted their Smialy Backer mech figurines together. We love the three-tone forest Camo based on 1939 Polish tank camo, nice touch!

Luci, our Prime Matter stream queen was inspired during one of our recent meetings to doodle this FalloutGuys Lowca mech. Mechs can be cute right?

Feeling mech motivated and Iron Inspired? Then do share with us your fan art on our social channels and especially our discord.

Delivery Issues

We shipped around 4,600 packages from Germany to you, all over the world. Luckily most of you have been receiving your Kickstarter packages over the summer, but we have heard from fans of some delivery issues which we want to investigate and resolve.

Please contact us via DM on twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter or Discord, if you have not received your expected package. 

We’ll need the following information from you:

  • Real Name: 
  • Email Address: 
  • KAG account ID: 
  • Order number: KA…
  • Postal Address:

As you can imagine, this is as frustrating for us as it is for you. At this moment, we have approximately 240 packages that were returned for reasons ranging from incorrect addresses to not being picked up from the local postal office when no one was home. In today’s economy, that cost us a lot, but we hope to arrange for redeliveries later this year.

Info: Looking Ahead

Iron Harvest’s release is 2 years old now! We are amazed by how far we’ve come and all the support you mech commanders have shown us over the years. Some of you are still with us since our announcement in 2016!

During these last 2 years, we released a ton of free content and are proud to be one of the biggest RTS currently out there. With this final release of the big world map addon, we can’t wait for your impressions and hope you will enjoy the missions and replayability for a long time.

Iron Harvest will continue to receive ongoing support with new seasons and cool rewards, while we are currently working on new awesome projects. There is nothing we can announce right now, but we are convinced that you’ll love our new games. We really can’t wait to see your reactions, but please be patient. Remember, we started Iron Harvest in 2016. See you all on the battlefield!

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