Iron Harvest DevBlog #23 - March 2020

  Mar 26, 2020     Iron Harvest

Covid-19 delays our Backer Beta, but we have our first previews!

News: Covid-19 shortly delays our Backer Beta!

As you may be aware, the games industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 outbreak with many gaming events cancelled and projects delayed. Unfortunately, we are no exception and we must now announce a short delay to the Backer Beta we had planned to release this week.

While we are just as disappointed by this as you are, be assured that we are doing everything within our means to bring together our teams online and adapt. We are adjusting our workflow to new challenges and we will deliver the Backer Beta as soon as possible.

Here’s a taster of things to come. Some of you have already spotted new things ;)

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their support and encouragement to us through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and  Instagram. Join us there and share your Iron Harvest thoughts, questions and fan creations.

We’ll let you know the moment we’re able to release, hopefully sometime in mid-April.

If you've already claimed your early supporters game, please also join us in our Backers Discord Channel for all the latest news, info and discussion. You'll find the link here. 
Info: Previews Are Here!

Fortunately, and just before the European Covid-19 lockdown, game industry veterans got to grips with the latest version of Iron Harvest during PaxEast2020 and a Berlin Press event.

No better setting than an abandoned WWI factory complete with an air-raid shelter and Pretzels!

This was intense, but a lot of fun and a great way for us to get independent feedback of our game for you. If you’re unsure if Iron Harvest is for you, here are some highlights and new screenshots:

“I feel confident this game, with its fanciful depiction of a world at war in a universe where mechs are the primary vehicles of battle, is going to sink its hooks into me deeply when it comes out later this year”

- Seth Macy for IGN UK, full article here

“Iron Harvest’s use of movement, unit-variety, and light fantasy elements elevates the experience beyond static trench warfare”

- Colin Campbell for Polygon, full article here

"I’m struck with sadness when I manage to get Wojtek killed in battle. How can I continue? How can I go on? How can I conquer an army without my killer bear?"

- Gina Lees for PCGamesN, full article here 

“What is unique are the stories and characters of Iron Harvest.”

- Chris Wray for Wccftech, full article here

“Everything feels lived in and believable. This game definitely has an extreme level of detail, the care and time put into the overall experience shows.”

- Dave Rottino for Rated G for Games, full article here

“The company's devotion to those who believed in them is admirable”

- Nedim Hadzic for AltChar, full article here
“In general terms, this is a great game approach! We found the ravages that they (the mechs) can cause on the battlefield to be truly insane”
- Sergio Cejas for Vidaextra, full article here

“Iron Harvest takes inspiration from the likes of Company of Heroes with squad based RTS gameplay, but instead goes for a post-WWI alternate reality where mechanized armies dominate the battlefield”

- Erick Tay & Michael Higham for Gamespot, full article here

“Conclusion Spoiler: fans of bustling real-time strategy battle and base building will have their joy. Real-time battles with tactical depth, clear base construction and a really exciting scenario, I really liked the first missions from Iron Harvest”

- Ulrich Wimmeroth for EuroGamer, full article here

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Looking Ahead

All these previews, and the many more out there, motivate and encourage us as we look ahead. Of course, there is still a lot to do, and an unprecedented new situation to adapt to, but our morale is high.

We wish you and yours good health and we will release the backer beta as soon as possible.

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